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Dragon Boat Adventures™ - Team Building

Dragon Boating is recognized for the camaraderie, strength, and endurance fostered among the participants which has made it extremely popular as a team-building activity. Forget text books lectures about teamwork, Dragon Boat Adventures™ provides hands-on experience!When group members realize they are connected to one another and their success hinges on synchronicity, that they will not succeed unless everyone works together as a group, THAT is when the connection begins.

Dragon Boating is truly a unique team building activity. Your group will experience, firsthand, how to coordinate efforts and learn new skills, while working in sync to get the boat moving quickly and gracefully through the water.

Typical Team Building Sessions:

Ready All - After some awesome motivation, we'll warm up with some exercises and instruction to help you get started. This is a water sport and you will get wet.

Paddles Up - You will learn how to stroke through instructive paddle exercises. You'll participate in 2 race pieces and try to beat your own time or race another boat.

Let it Run - You've successfully completed multiple exercises and race pieces! You and your team have had a Blast!! You'll be exhilarated and, since it is a water sport, you'll most likely be wet! Time to cool down and debrief! You'll want to share water stories, so plan on some extended team building to satisfy your thirst!

"Teamwork is so important that it is virtually impossible for you to reach the heights of your capabilities or make the money that you want without becoming very good at it."  Brian Tracy

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